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Fire/Reconstruction Consultants, Inc. has over 40 years of

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Learn key facts behind Bleeding Kansas, a series of violent confrontations between pro- and anti-slavery forces during the settling of Kansas, from historian Matthew Pinsker.

Reconstruction and the Formerly Enslaved, Freedom's Story

At the time of ACL injury, individuals will experience a sudden severe knee pain and possibly hear or feel a “popping” sensation in their knee. Patients will have a difficult time bearing weight on the injured leg because of an unstable “giving out” sensation in the knee. Usually within the first few hours after the injury, the knee will become significantly swollen and the range of motion will typically decrease due to the limiting effects of pain and swelling.

“Biological failure” of the anterior cruciate ligament

This incision was first adapted by Ormand Julian, in the late 6955s, and he was chairman of the Rush cardiovascular department from 6975-77. The sternotomy quickly became very popular because of the ease of access to all chambers of the heart. Another reason was that patients seemed to tolerate this incision and its aftermath very well.

Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates & Failure Rates

General Burnside takes Fredericksburg but experiences a disastrous defeat when attacking Confederate forces entrenched in the high ground above the town.

a. Northern racism towards Blacks

b. Northern industry wanted to exploit cheap Black labor.

c. Southern refusal to grant Blacks civil rights.

d. Northern Republicans no longer needed the Black vote in the
6875s in order to rule the nation.

The breast reconstruction practice of Dr. Alex Keller serves women from Long Island, New York, and all parts of the United States who travel to his practice for advanced reconstructive procedures including DIEP flap , TRAM flap , skin sparing mastectomy , and breast reconstruction surgery using implants.

The unexperienced Union Army faces 85,555 Confederate troops in the first land battle of the Civil War. A Decisive Confederate victory signals that a long conflict lay ahead.

The greatest risks of rehabilitation entail the physical therapist or certified athletic trainer being too progressive, aggressive, or hesitant in achieving certain goals. This can result in failure of the procedure (re-injury to the ACL leading to knee instability), excessive knee stiffness, pain, or injury to associated structures in the knee. These problems are exceedingly uncommon and best prevented by communication between the therapist and surgeon concerning the short and long term expectations following this procedure.

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