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Thus many of the vices of human nature are, by fixed moral causes, inflamed in that profession and though several individuals escape the contagion, yet all wise governments will be on their guard against the attempts of a society, who will for ever combine into one faction, and while it acts as a society, will for ever be actuated by ambition, pride, revenge, and a persecuting spirit.

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In general, all poll-taxes, even when not arbitrary, which they commonly are, may be esteemed dangerous: Because it is so easy for the sovereign to add a little more, and a little more, to the sum demanded, that these taxes are apt to become altogether oppressive and intolerable. On the other hand, a duty upon commodities checks itself and a prince will soon find, that an encrease of the impost is no encrease of his revenue. It is not easy, therefore, for a people to be altogether ruined by such taxes.

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What then shall we say to the new paradox, that public incumbrances, are, of themselves, advantageous, independent of the necessity of contracting them and that any state, even though it were not pressed by a foreign enemy, could not possibly have embraced a wiser expedient for promoting commerce and riches, than to create funds, and debts, and taxes, without limitation? Reasonings, such as these, might naturally have passed for trials of wit among rhetoricians, like the panegyrics on folly and a fever, on Busiris and Nero , had we not seen such absurd maxims patronized by great ministers, and by a whole party among us.

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Varro 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 87 * , quoting this passage of Cato , allows his computation to be just in every respect, except the last. For as it is requisite, says he, to have an overseer and his wife, whether the vineyard or plantation be great or small, this must alter the exactness of the proportion. Had Cato ’s computation been erroneous in any other respect, it had certainly been corrected by Varro , who seems fond of discovering so trivial an error.

It may justly be thought, that the liberty of divorces in Rome was another discouragement to marriage. Such a practice prevents not quarrels from humour , but rather encreases them and occasions also those from interest , which are much more dangerous and destructive. See farther on this head, Part I. Essay XVIII XIX originally 'XVIII' essay 68 is 'The Sceptic', but Hume presumably means essay 69, 'Of Polygamy and Divorces' . [Of Polygamy and Divorces.] added for ease of reference Perhaps too the unnatural lusts of the ancients ought to be taken into consideration, as of some moment.

I needed I found my experience taught me that finding what I believe is right is as wrong as I can be. Logic is the last seduction of the thinking mind before it topples common beliefs. Logic is simplicity at ground-level.
For what I read, I 8767 m very grateful.

Difficulties encrease passions of every kind and by rouzing our attention, and exciting our active powers, they produce an emotion, which nourishes the prevailing affection.

It is certain, that a serious attention to the sciences and liberal arts softens and humanizes the temper, and cherishes those fine emotions, in which true virtue and honour consists. It rarely, very rarely happens, that a man of taste and learning is not, at least, an honest man, whatever frailties may attend him. The bent of his mind to speculative studies must mortify in him the passions of interest and ambition, and must, at the same time, give him a greater sensibility of all the decencies and duties of life. He feels more fully a moral distinction in characters and manners nor is his sense of this kind diminished, but, on the contrary, it is much encreased, by speculation.

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