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This intensive summer course (Equal to ARAB 5655 and ARAB 5755) is an introductory course designed to build basic listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in Arabic. Given the vast geographical region in which it is spoken, the Arabic language has a variety of forms. One of them is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). MSA is the medium of formal oral and written communication.

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Have you ever questioned why certain types of cancer are so difficult to treat or how basic science discoveries translate into clinical practice? This course will provide an introduction to cancer biology through hands-on laboratory exercises and interactive lectures. Students will have the opportunity to develop an independent research project and learn about the daily.

The best books on Nietzsche — a Five Books interview

In retrospect, there’s reasonably good evidence that he had probably at some point contracted syphilis and that the developing infection might have been responsible for these maladies. Though his father had also died at an early age, so there may have been some familial genetic component as well.

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The course begins with an examination of contemplative practices in select Buddhist and Christian contexts and their associated goals, values, and worldviews. Particular emphasis will be placed on the significance of nature as a context for or object of contemplative practices. The course then turns to modern Western naturalists and nature writers to uncover the contemplative.

Courses listed as &ldquo Open &rdquo or &ldquo Waitlisted &rdquo still have space available, but the latter may be contingent on appropriate space in our residence halls.

We always hear about endangered species all over the world. What exactly is being done to protect these animals and their habitats? Most people do not realize it, but every endangered species has a recovery plan that maps the road to successfully increasing populations and saving habitats. are a huge part of these recovery plans by being a place for breeding and increasing.

This course focuses on how skills of observation, diagnosis, character development, pacing, subtext and other elements of good writing are essential to both doctoring and writing. Readings will be drawn from fiction, memoir and essays, by and about physicians, that explore the practice of medicine as well as what it means to think and feel like a doctor. Creative writing.

That is Clark’s target in this book – the idea that Nietzsche is the guy who thinks there’s no such thing as truth and that there’s no such thing as knowledge, that every view is as good as every other view. She suggests that there may have been an aspect of the postmodernist view of truth in Nietzsche’s early work, but that he gradually came to abandon that view once he came to abandon the intelligibility of the old Kantian distinction between the way things appear to us versus the way things really are in themselves. There are a lot of difficult philosophical issues here, but that’s the crux of the story she’s trying to tell in the first part of the book.

Stories have an enduring, compelling power. What makes them work? What influence do technologies for crafting and sharing them have on narrative creativity and imagination? In this course, we learn old and new forms of storytelling and interpretation, and how to put them to use in the new media context. Students dissect films, texts, and interactive platforms, and refashion.

For years, psychology has been the study of what ails the human mind. For example, why do certain individuals develop depression or abuse substances? Currently, there is a movement within psychology to study not only what ails the human mind, but what makes us happy, healthy, and content in our lives. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what goes right in our.

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