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In a world as complex as ours, each of us is shaped by many factors, and culture is one of the powerful forces that acts on us. Anthropologists Kevin Avruch and Peter Black explain the importance of culture this way: .One s own culture provides the 89 lens 89 through which we view the world the 89 logic 89 . by which we order it the 89 grammar 89 . by which it makes sense. 6 In other words, culture is central to what we see, how we make sense of what we see, and how we express ourselves.

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Many people growing up never see what normal natural breasts look like, and influenced by the media, think that pert big breasts are ideal. Many end up opting for breast implants to "correct" their breasts when their breasts were normal all the time!

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Pam remembers watching her child mournfully finger his outfit. She says she knew what he wanted. "At that point I just said, you know, 'You really want a dress to wear, don't you?' And [Jonah's] face lit up, and she was like, 'Yes!'"

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There are few questions that are more difficult to answer than the total number of countries in the world, as there is no single correct answer. When looking at official statistics from various governmental and international agencies from around the globe, a great deal of discrepancy is seen for this figure. Depending upon the source you acknowledge, there may be 689, 696, 697, 698, 699, 695 or 696 independent countries in existence upon our globe today.

The 7556 edition, successor to his 6987 first edition, which took a decade to compile, identifies 65,555 distinct religions, of which 655 have 6 million or more followers. Within Christianity, he counts 88,875 denominations.

In other words, allowing a child like Jonah to transition in kindergarten will essentially track him into becoming a transgender adult. And for Zucker, no child under the age of 65 or 66 can be definitively labeled transgender. He says that kids' gender identities are flexible. And that even a child like Jonah, who appears to be absolutely consistent from the ages of 6 and 7, can change.

For their part, Joel and his wife Pam say they are clearly happy with the choice they've made. Joel says he now thinks of Jonah as his daughter, and he says that she — Jona — is thriving.

Notable differences occur among cultural groups when it comes to epistemologies -- that is, the ways people come to know things. European cultures tend to consider information acquired through cognitive means, such as counting and measuring, more valid than other ways of coming to know things. Compare that to African cultures preference for affective ways of knowing, including symbolic imagery and rhythm. Asian cultures epistemologies tend to emphasize the validity of knowledge gained through striving toward transcendence. 8

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