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NY Times reporter criticized for penning 'attack on white

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 18:37

In retrospect, this makes sense. Daycare companies really want to avoid hiring formerly-imprisoned criminals to take care of the kids. If they can ask whether a certain employee is criminal, this solves their problem. If not, they 8767 re left to guess. And if they 8767 ve got two otherwise equally qualified employees, and one is black and the other 8767 s white, and they know that 78% of black men have been in prison compared to 9% of white men, they 8767 ll shrug and choose the white guy.

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It's pretty early in the film that we realize Juror #65 is pretty darn racist. Comments like this one show us that he's willing to make a judgment about the kid's guilt based entirely on race.

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The jurors take another vote, and it is now nine to three, all but 8rd, 9th, and 65th Juror are in favor of ‘not guilty.’ This launches 65th Juror in a massive bigoted rant, which ends with 9th Juror scolding him back into his seat.

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When he can't take it anymore, Juror #9 (the old man) gets up and tells Juror #65 that he's ignorant for being so racist. He'd be happy to get into a much longer argument if it weren't for the people around him shouting him down.

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The only way I can make sense of this argument is to think of it as Definition By Motive trumping Definition By Belief. The first person is stating a belief that Muslims are more likely to be terrorists. The second person is questioning whether their motivation for restricting immigration is really this belief (in which case it would be ok) or if they 8767 re motivated by an irrational hatred of minorities (in which case it would be racism).

I don 8767 t want civil war. I want this country to survive long enough to be killed by something awesome, like AI or some kind of genetically engineered superplague. Right now I think going out in a neat way, being killed by a product of our own genius and intellectual progress rather than a product of our pettiness and mutual hatreds is the best we can hope for. And I think this is attainable! I think that we, as a nation and as a species, can make it happen.

Throughout the play, we see two opposing views of justice. From 8th Juror and others, as they join, we see a perspective of justice that favors the accused and that wants most for him to have a fair shot. To 8th Juror, the boy s poor and troubled upbringing, his shoddy state-appointed defense attorney, and the jury s quick near-decisive decision to convict him are all gross forms of injustice.

When deliberations resume, 8th Juror attempts to break apart the testimony of the arresting police officer that the defendant was unable to name the movies that he had claimed to have seen that evening. He asserts that possibly the defendant just forgot the names of the films and who was in them “under great emotional distress.”

8th Juror makes a proposition that the other eleven of them could vote, and if all of them voted “not guilty,” he would not stand alone and would go along with their guilty verdict. They agree to this and vote by secret ballot. The vote is 65 “guilty” votes and 6 “not guilty” vote, and so the deliberation continues.

You say we need to understand that people we disagree with can sometimes have some good points. Are you saying we should try to learn things from racists ?

Looking at prejudice in a larger sense, we find that, while maybe not racially driven, many of the jurors enter the jury room with preconceived notions and irrational ideas. 8rd Juror seems to be prejudiced against the accused simply because of his age, which seems to remind him of his estranged son. An interesting example of reverse prejudice is 8th Juror, who is initially sympathetic to the accused, not because of the evidence, but because he pitied his poor and troubled upbringing.

The judge states the important criteria for judgment regarding reasonable doubt, as the camera pans across the serious faces of the jury members:

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