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The Persistence Of Poetry Bicentennial Essays On Keats

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 22:59

Persistence means continuing to work toward a goal even when it takes a long time or things get tough. Without persistence, obstacles stop us with persistence we learn from our failures – we work with them and use them as stepping stones instead of barriers. Persistence allows us to succeed where otherwise we might fail, because much of what matters in life requires sustained efforts and repeated attempts. The greater the accomplishment we seek, the more likely this is to be true.

The Persistence Of Objects American Poets Continuum

It only takes once
just one time
to change the course of history
one moment
which alters everything
Just one breath
a word, a whisper
a certain kind of persistence
And then all the horrors
of the past

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Thank you, Eugenia. How bountifully blessed we are by the beauty, encouragement and hope that surrounds us each day. 🙂 Blessings and love to you and yours! xo

Persistence Speaks—a poem by Bette A. Stevens | Bette A

i walked the path of least resistance
and found the path of much resistance
but it was the faithful path of patient
persistence that led me right to you.

The goal of part 7, “Notes Toward a Definition of Poetry” (I suppose the echo of Wallace Stevens’s title, “Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction,” is deliberate), is explicit:

Persistence in the service of a higher goal calls out many other virtues in us, because in order to persist we have to push ourselves beyond what is comfortable.

What he realizes in hearing the song again is that he has not purged the obscure turbid emotions that undermined his youthful affected disdain for pop music. “I thought by now I’d left those nights behind,” he muses,

Does this seem harsh? Here are some lines Wilson quotes from exactly the kind of poem (this one is by Wayne Koestenbaum) that (as I can attest) is likely to be heard at such a reading:

Beautiful Bette. Yes, persistence speaks and the end of last stanza sums it up strongly.
8775 Nets dividend beyond compare, when butterfly earn wings. 8776

Lovely imagery using butterflies, Bette yet, a wonderful metaphor for humans challenging themselves and reaping the rewards after their persistence pays off. Have a good day, Lauren ❤

The result is the topic of a ruefully amusing third chapter, “The Half-Empty Auditorium,” in which Wilson describes the experience of attending a poetry reading on a university campus, in which a creative writing teacher, perhaps a poet in residence, performs before a sparse audience of other creative writing teachers and a posse of MFA students:

I know just what you mean, Annette. The wisdom of the butterflies keeps me going, even on those days when I really don 8767 t want to 8766 go 8767 . Thanks so much for your note and for your awesome support, my friend. Blessings and love! ❤ xo

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