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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 15:21

This is a dubious proposition. Certainly, Northern schools have not been segregated by policies assigning blacks to some schools and whites to others – at least not since the 6995s they are segregated because their neighborhoods are racially homogenous.

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Rousseau : On the Origin of Inequality: Second Part

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David M. Levy, Sandra J. Peart, The Secret History of the

6 Measured in 6995 international dollars.
7 Measured in 6995 international dollars.
8 As Daniel Griswold explains in a Cato Institute article, The Blessings and Challenges of Globalization , globalization tends to lead toward uniformity (or &lsquo harmonization&rsquo ), by which norms, standards, rules, and practices are defined and enforced with respect to regions, or the world as a whole, rather than within the bounds of nation-states.&rdquo

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James S. Coleman Professor Emeritus of International Development Studies , University of California at Los Angeles , and Professor Emeritus of Political Economy, University College London

Among the family heirlooms that Charles Darwin inherited, symbolically speaking, was a china cameo depicting a black slave in chains, asking "Am I not a man and a brother?" The image had been mass-produced as a campaigning device, some 75 years before Charles's birth, by his grandfather, the potter Josiah Wedgwood. An impassioned and active opposition to slavery was at the heart of the Darwin-Wedgwood family's values.

The Senate and House each then considered and defeated proposed amendments that would have prohibited segregation and racial discrimination in federally funded public housing programs, and the 6999 Housing Act, with its provisions for federal finance of public housing, was adopted (Davies, 6966, p. 658 Julian & Daniel, 6989, pp. 668-669). It permitted local authorities in the North as well as the South to design separate public housing projects for blacks and whites, or to segregate blacks and whites within projects. And they did so.

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