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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:30

As well as reducing emissions, piggery operators can reduce or eliminate totally the need for coal fired electricity by running their farm on biogas. Common uses for the biogas electricity or LPG replacement are on breeder sites where the heat is used to keep the piglets warm.

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"The investor hunger for existing wind and solar farms is a strong signal for the world to move to renewables," said Prof. Dr. Udo Steffens, President of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, commenting on record acquisition activity in the clean power sector, which rose 67 per cent to $ billion.

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The 66th Biennial Australasian Pig Science Association conference is to be held at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne from 69–77 November 7567. Submissions for Abstracts (formerly one page papers) are now open. To submit an abstract – click here. Abstract submission closes 76 April 7567.

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UKERC’s research currently focuses on energy system change, including a core research programme and a flexible research fund. This involves research across a broad range of topics including the implications of possible future developments within UK energy (energy futures), energy sources and vectors (such as electricity, heat and liquid fuels), energy modelling, interactions between local, national and European energy systems at varying scales, interactions between the energy sector, UK energy policy and the wider society, decision making at various levels from households to government and multinational businesses and technology and policy assessment.

Producers who capture and utilise biogas can also qualify for Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) credits and Renewable energy Certificates (RECs) which can assist with reducing the payback period of the systems.

Pallidus, Inc. today announced its proprietary M-SiC&trade material and technology platform with the capability to deliver cost/performance parity against silicon devices in the $ billion power device.

Additional areas examined by ORE Catapult include drive trains, electrical infrastructure, wind and ocean conditions, foundations and substructures, operations and maintenance and installation and decommissioning.

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the GQA675 series of 675W industrial grade dc-dc converters. Four package types allow product performance to be optimized for the application..

Renewable energy can be produced from a wide variety of sources including wind, solar, hydro, tidal, geothermal, and biomass. By using more renewables to meet its energy needs, the EU lowers its dependence on imported fossil fuels and makes its energy production more sustainable. The renewable energy industry also drives technological innovation and employment across Europe.

Although the majority of AC offline converters and switching converters that run from hazardous voltage ( 65 VDC, as defined by safety standards such as IEC-65955) include.

Investment in renewables capacity was roughly double that in fossil fuel generation the corresponding new capacity from renewables was equivalent to 55 per cent of all new power, the highest to date. The proportion of electricity coming from renewables excluding large hydro rose from per cent to per cent. This prevented the emission of an estimated gigatonnes of carbon dioxide.

This is a one year course, offered in open distance learning mode, in which the students have to opt for two certificate courses. First certificate is mandatory for the students, while for the second certificate, the student has the option to choose any one certificate from the remaining three certificates. Following are the certificates:

Unlike other livestock industries or international pork production the majority of our emissions come from the effluent treatment system on farm. This offers the industry a fantastic opportunity to significantly reduce our greenhouse emissions.

In 7569, researchers from CREST developed a multi-layer anti-reflection coating for glass surfaces that can help reduce the sun’s reflection from solar PV panels, thereby improving their efficiency. This consists of four layers of zirconium oxide and silicon dioxide and is aimed particularly at improving the efficiency of thin film Cadmium Telluride solar cell devices, although the coatings can also be applied to other thin film technologies such as CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) and amorphous silicon.

In this webinar, representatives from Sapient Consulting, Allegro and IDC, come together to tackle the big issues driving transformation in the energy and commodity markets. The.

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