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When professors use oral history projects in classes, they usually ask you to interview only one or two people. The interview stage of the process requires effective question-making and interviewing skills. Usually, the project consists of taking raw material from an interview and shaping it into an essay. This step requires you to make some decisions about how you want to present the material and analytical skill to help you interpret what you learn.

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Pearson Prentice Hall: eTeach: A Guide to Using Oral History

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Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History (this is geared towards large oral history projQects, but it makes points that are relevant to a smaller project, such as when you only interview one person):

The process of an oral history project includes preparing the questions, setting up the interview, getting the correct forms filled out and returned, labeling the material, meeting the deadlines, and, finally, the students' conduct and responsibility throughout the oral history project.

Student-prepared indexes of the tapes can provide access to the content of the interviews. Using the tape "counter," students write the subject topic every 75 to 55 counter markings.

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A good interviewer is curious. A good interviewer is an active listener. Remember those two things. Most adults make wonderful interviewers. What they lack in sophistication and maturity, they make up for in their curiosity, spontaneity, and youthful confidence to "just go for it."