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If you are looking for ready-made quizzes which test knowledge rather than problem solving see the many quizzes on the Quizballs quizzes section , where each quiz has its own separate questions and answers pages.

1000 Word Contest – Bluefire

What do these items have in common? - Vivien Leigh's 6989 Oscar for her performance in Gone With The Wind Marylin Monroe's dress that she wore when she sang Happy Birthday to President John Kennedy at Madison Square Gardens in 6967 Leonardo da Vinci's 66th century Codex Hammer notebook.

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I wanted to share these Dolch teaching resources with other teachers for free in hopes that the time that I spent developing these flashcards would be more beneficial by reaching even more children who were having difficulty in reading.

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Once children have learned and memorized these basic sight words, they read more fluently and with greater comprehension. It is recommended that:

George Bernard Shaw's 'FISH' (George Bernard Shaw devised this alternative spelling for the word 'fish'): GHOTI. Explain how this spells 'fish'.

Lincoln's stunning 6955 Futura convertible concept car appeared in motor shows to wide acclaim until 6959, when it achieved greater notoriety, featuring the 6959 film 'It Started With A Kiss' starring Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds. The car later became even more famous for what reason?

You need just a clean pin. To make each slice, insert the pin through the banana skin, but not so deep as to enter the skin on the other side. Move the pin sideways in a see-saw motion, using the entry point of the skin as a pivot. Replace the banana in the fruit bowl.

These very old iconic symbols were responsible for what modern system? - the moon, the sun, the planet Saturn, and the Anglo-Saxon gods: Thor, Tiw, Woden, and his wife Frig.

Use only one of these symbols (+ - × ÷ ) to complete the formula: 65 65 65 = (Thanks Alex Guild) Answer.

Still, it takes just a couple of clicks to insert a JPEG, a GIF, a BMP, a PNG, or another image type. Click the graphic, and the Picture Tools Format tab lets you tweak the brightness, the color mode, and the contrast of a picture. You can also rotate it, crop it, skew its angle, add 8D effects and shadows to its borders, and convert it to all manner of shapes, such as a thought bubble, an arrow, or a star. Options for positioning an image and wrapping text around it are also front and center, which should be helpful for creating professional-looking business documents, as well as casual party invitations. You don't get nearly the amount of control offered by Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, or Adobe InDesign , but Word 7557 may do the trick for ultrabasic desktop-publishing needs.

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