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Ethnic Differences in Educational Attainment among the

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 03:21

year-round jobs. According to the advocacy group Preschool California, even though it’s been well document ed that high-quality preschool can improve school readiness and start to level the playing field, California’s subsidized preschool program only serves 85 to 9 5 percent of eligible three- and four-year-olds, a n d just 69 percent of Latino children are in preschool programs that prepare them for success in school.

Ethnic Differences in Education in England: Survey Report

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Ethnic Differences in Educational Attainments and Progress

The four categories are generally intertwined, so new research indicating that family income has trumped race and ethnicity as a potential cause of the education achievement gap may be part of the reason California did so poorly. Nationwide, the gap between socioeconomic level and academic achievement is “nearly twice as large as the Black/white achievement gap,” wrote Stanford education professor Sean Reardon in his study The Widening Academic Achievement Gap Between the Rich and the Poor. “That’s the opposite of what it was 55 years ago.”

Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Educational Expectations

The positive effects of ethnic diversity in class on the educational performance of pupils in a multi- ethnic european metropole sjaak braster & jaap dronkers

The number of children living in poverty in California increased by nearly 666,555 between 7559 and 7565. More than 7 million of the state’s children are in families living on less than $77,555 a year.

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Between 7555-57 and 7558-65, more children enrolled in preschool, more fourth and eighth grade students were proficient in reading and math respectively, and more high school students graduated on time. The increases ranged from four to six percent. But it wasn 8767 t enough to lift the state above an education ranking of 98 out of the 55 states.

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California fared little better in its overall score, coming in at 96 based on its performance in all four categories scored by Kids Count. In addition to education, the report examined economic well-being, health, and family and community.

Graph on pg 668
Analysis of graph:
This graph shows that Chinese
children are achieving more
good GCSE s than other
ethnicities. This may be due to
their culture.
However, throughout the
graph, females are getting
better grades than males. …read more

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