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There is another kind of beauty in people that attracts me greatly. This is what is known as inner beauty. People who have this kind of beauty have attained inner peace. They care about their fellow-man, and try to right the injustices in this world. Two well-known personalities who exemplify this are Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa. Mandela was willing to sacrifice his life and freedom to obtain equal rights for the Blacks in South Africa. Mother's Theresa's mission is to help the poorest of the world's poor.

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Where places are concerned, to me, there is nothing comparable to the sea. It may take on different colors, or be calm at one beach and choppy at another. But it is like a timeless beauty - always a pleasure to look at and often so appealing that you cannot resist jumping in for a swim.

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In fact, even around me. I know some people who are always ready to lend a hand to a person in trouble. I greatly admire the beauty of these people because they are the ones who make the world a better place. This inner beauty. I notice, gives a certain radiance to their looks.

When we talk about beauty in people. we often refer to their physical attractiveness. Of course, a beautiful or handsome face is pleasant to look at. But I find that the most memorable "beautiful people" are those who have captivating personalities behind the pretty faces. In one of my previous classes, there were two beautiful girls, Sue and Lin. Both had almost flawless faces and trim figures. But Lin was used to getting her way. She felt that her looks could help her get anything she wanted, especially among the boys. Sue, on the other hand, treated her beauty in a matter-of-fact way and she was nice to everyone. She was also a member of the debating team, her personality made her a more outstanding beauty than Lin.

I also love the beauty of art. I enjoy classical art as well as folk art which is painted by untrained artists. To me, the beauty of an artwork is not just in the skills involved. A painting that attracts me is one which evokes an emotional reaction. When I gaze at a painting. I am trying to figure out the artist's point of view. The beauty of art, to me. is that it gives a glimpse into the artist's life or his surroundings.

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