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Sectors like Health, Education intuitions, Housing, Resources, Environment, Rural Development, Small and medium Enterprises (SME) and Urban Development are still not tapped properly and thus the huge scope should be exploited.

Essays on Regional Economic Integration in East Asia

There are seven main players with a combined design clinker capacity of million tons per year and cement million tons. Cement output in 7559 was million tones. Much of the domestic cement supply is now extended by blending in fly ash or other enhancers so the actual capacity could be more however allowance should be made for the age of some cement plants and corresponding inefficiencies. Also, some plants are currently shut down such as Kupang.

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The basic idea of market intervention by government was to achieve public welfare in order to provide consumer with sufficient and affordable supply of commodities. Price fixing and market allocation policies were viewed as cross subsidy policies from consumer in producing region to non-producing region. Consumer protection idea as identifiable, where consumer rights to obtain goods in competitive price is focus of the government in establishing their cement policy.

Economic Issues 1 -- Growth in East Asia - IMF

Oil Well Cement (OWC) is used for oil and natural gas well constructions of certain depth. OWC is different from other types of cement as it will become hard if it is used for oil wells under high temperature.

Considering the large significance being put on the distribution cost factor, the price of cement for consumers relies heavily on the mode of transportation used for distribution, since cement factories cannot be built on just any location. Consequently, distribution to consumers becomes a major problem in the cement industry. Regions which do not have a cement factory, such as Eastern Indonesia, have to pay a higher price compared to those which owns one.

Since weaknesses in East Asian financial systems had existed for decades and were not unique to the region, why did Asia not experience crises of this magnitude before? Two explanations are likely. First, rapid growth disguised the extent of risky lending. For many years, such growth allowed financial policies that shielded firms that incurred losses from the adverse effects of their decisions. However, such policies would make economies highly vulnerable during periods of uncertainty. Second, innovations in information and transactions technologies have linked these countries more closely to world financial markets in the 6995s, thus increasing their vulnerability to changes in market sentiment.

Regionally, Asia contributed about 75% to world production and included 9 of the 75 leading producing countries. Western Europe had about 8% of total output the Middle East (including Turkey) and North America, nearly 6% each Africa, Central America and South America (combined), and the Commonwealth of Independent States, about 9% each and Eastern Europe, about 7%.

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